While you may have never heard of a 2 person infrared sauna, don’t worry! We’ll quickly break down everything you need to know about them, including how they work and why they are great options to help people improve their health and wellness.

If you want to learn more, keep reading to see our top five reasons why you should consider purchasing your own 2 person infrared sauna!

In order to feel good and stay healthy, most people know that they need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. However, it is also important to clear away the toxins that build up in the body as we go through our day-to-day lives. One way that many people do this is by using a home sauna.

Benefits of using a sauna

Dry sauna bathing is often claimed to provide health benefits including:


  • detoxification
  • increased metabolism
  • weight loss
  • increased blood circulation
  • pain reduction
  • antiaging


  • skin rejuvenation
  • improved cardiovascular function
  • improved immune function
  • improved sleep
  • stress management
  • relaxation

Hot rock sauna vs Infrared sauna.

We are regularly asked about the differences between Hot rock and Infrared saunas, so we hope this clears up some misconceptions.

All saunas create a heated space for their occupants with the main difference between Hot rock saunas and Infrared Saunas is how they create that heat.

Hot Rock Sauna

Hot rock saunas use a heat source to make rocks hot, then as the users ladle water onto the rocks it creates a steam-filled enclosure.

Hot rock saunas are the traditional form of sauna, with modern versions using electric elements to heat the rocks.

Due to the considerable amount of power required for the rock heater (3KVA), an electrician will need to provide a dedicated circuit direct from your power distribution board to the Hot Rock sauna.

Further, Hot Rock saunas must be installed on concrete or tiles because of the potential fire risk.

Hot rock saunas are typically installed outdoors.

SK 109 Infrared sauna

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use electrically operated low EMF infrared elements to warm the sauna space.

Infrared saunas are an excellent way to get the traditional sauna experience in a convenient, compact space.

An infrared home sauna is easy to install, maintain, and use.

Infrared saunas can be plugged into a normal household power outlet.

Infrared saunas can even be installed indoor or outdoor as long as they are undercover and not exposed to the weather. Many of our clients install their infrared saunas in their veranda.

The expense and inconvenience of additional power and fire-proofing requirements means that hot rock saunas are less favoured that the convenience of low EMF Infrared saunas.

Why you need a 2 person sauna


Using a sauna is social

Our most popular sized unit is a 2-person sauna, well, because enjoying a sauna is also a not only good for you, but is also a social event. Enjoying a sauna with your partner or friend is an opportunity to enjoy each others company and catch up with each other’s news of the day.

2 Seater is a good size

The other reason people choose to buy a 2-person sauna, is that they dont take up much space, particularly the 2-person infrared sauna.  Discretely installed in the corner of your verandah, your sauna is eaasily accessed without cluttering up your outdoor space.


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