Acne is often problematic to treat due to every case of acne differing from person to person. There is no single acne cure that functions for everyone however saunas fit into most acne treatment plans.

Short term ideas for controlling acne include:

  • Washing your face twice daily
  • Regular hot facials
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Reducing emotional stress levels

Utilising these tips alongside regular sauna sessions will help combat acne. Here are two explanations why a steam room can help in acne a treatment regime:

  1. Saunas unwrap pores and helps purge impurities from the skin through sweating
  2. Saunas enhance circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the surface of the skin tone


If you want to reap the full benefits from a purifying sauna session, you must take a shower immediately after finishing the session. Otherwise, you risk some of the toxins reabsorbing. If you can’t shower straight away, dry your skin thoroughly by having a clean towel and shower when possible.


For Extreme Acne Conditions

If you suffer from severe acne conditions, using a steam room might actually be detrimental to your skin. If this is of concern to you, conduct further research or talk to a specialist to find out the severity of your condition.


Further Advantages of Using a Sauna for Acne Treatment

Sauna treatment goes beyond just cleaning your skin. Incorporating a sauna session 2-3 times per week may help to cleanse the mind from stress which may be the cause of your acne.

Couple regular sauna sessions with the tips mentioned, nutrient-rich foods, lots of water and regular exercise and you’ll be laughing.