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Sauna for Wheelchairs

Sauna King is committed to delivering a sauna that meets our Client's requirements. In this case, our Client wanted her entire family to be able to use the sauna, including her son who uses a wheelchair. We designed and constructed a small but roomy sauna with wide...

Wood burning sauna heaters

Wood burning sauna heaters We receive a number of queries about wood-burning sauna heaters, so here's some information on these: Wood burner facts Safety ClearanceSauna Wood Heaters need a fair amount of safety clearance around them so are only suitable for a medium...

Outdoor Saunas

There’s been a demand for outdoors saunas especially now with the COVID-19 lockdown. Most clear-thinking individuals know there are health benefits from sauna use but often there is no suitable area in their home to place one. In my 15 years in the sauna industry, I...

Sauna For Sale

Sauna For Sale Are you considering buying a new sauna? Did you know that there are three main types of saunas to choose from? There is steam, traditional and infrared. Not sure which is the best for you? Read on to find out the differences between each and work out...

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