For a long time, people have been gravitating towards different techniques which provide complete relaxation and a host of associated health benefits. The two most popular techniques that people use in their quest of good health are saunas and steam rooms. Operating on very similar principles, these are the two most popular methods of achieving relaxation, detoxification and better health overall. Although they are similar process, there are several points of difference between these two processes and if you are having a hard time deciding which to go for; it might be an easier choice if you know about their differences. Here are a few –

  1. The main difference between a sauna and a steam bath is the medium used for heating. Saunas work on the principle of dry heat which involves increasing the temperature of the air inside a room. Steam baths use heated steam to raise the temperature of a steam room, which makes it both hot and humid.
  2. Steam rooms usually produce the steam either by using water on hot rocks or from a steam generator. These tried and tested methods have not varied over time. Saunas, however, have undergone a number of changes. Traditionally using hot rocks for heart, saunas now also use heating techniques like burning wood, gas or using electricity. There are even saunas that use far infrared rays for added benefits.
  3. While the benefits that can be acquired from both saunas and steam baths are roughly similar, it is indeed much easier to spend more time in the sauna as the dry heat does not create added discomfort, like the steam in the steam bath does.
  4. Saunas are usually easier to clean and maintain than steam baths. Steam baths need to be cleaned thoroughly to keep out microorganisms.