Steam rooms have been traditionally used as a means of providing relaxation and stress relief to the human body. It has its roots in the customs and culture of ancient Greece, where it was a luxury only the royalty could afford. At present, steam rooms are used extensively in gyms, health centers and clinics, not only due to the relaxation they provide, but the numerous health benefits that can derived from their use. Medical science has also acknowledged the various plus points of using steam rooms. Some of these benefits are –

  1. Steam rooms provide great and lasting relaxation, and help in soothing muscles and joints, and relieving aches and stress. Regular use of steam rooms can prevent the onset of debilitating diseases like arthritis and hypertension, which are primarily brought about by sustained stress.
  2. Sweating is the best way to achieve thorough cleaning of the skin from the inside. Steam rooms encourage sweating which opens pores and keeps skin healthy and glowing. Regular use of steam rooms can delay external manifestation of aging on the skin, and keep it looking younger.
  3. Steam rooms also enable people to inhale steam for long periods of time. For people who suffer from lung conditions like chronic congestion or bronchitis, using steam rooms can be highly beneficial. The steam imparts a clearing and soothing effect on airways inside the body and makes breathing easier.
  4. A very important benefit of using steam rooms is improved blood circulation. The heat and increased metabolism in the steam room helps blood vessels to expand, thereby allowing for smoother blood flow and better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to vital organs. This improves overall health and fitness, while also boosting the immune system.

Overall, steam rooms have proven health benefits which go a long way in imparting wellness and a better life.