An infrared sauna uses infrared heat instead of steam or air. The major benefit of choosing an infrared sauna system is its minimal cleaning and maintenance. However, by following these easy 7 steps, you can prolong the life of your infrared sauna and maximise its benefits.


1.      Ensure its installed correctly

When you’re purchasing the infrared sauna, ask the supplier if they can set it up for you. Installation should only be performed by experienced personnel to ensure its set up correctly and you’re within your warranty.


2.      Keep other appliances away from sauna

Do not bring any objects into the sauna with you and make sure it’s set up away from other appliances.


3.      Reserve a separate outlet for the infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are heavy duty. It requires an electric outlet that does not provide power to any other appliance. Do not use an extension cord for your infrared sauna power.


4.      Turn off the sauna after 2 hours of use

After 2 hours of use, it is recommended to turn off the sauna for at least an hour. After every session, leave the sauna door open to give it some time to dry properly.


5.      The sauna should be set up on a level surface

For proper operation and safety, ensure the sauna is installed on a dry, level surface free of moisture.


6.      Sit on thick towels

To prevent sweat and body oils penetrating the wood, bring in only thick towels to sit on.


7.      Wipe the interior with mild soap and water weekly

You can maximise the build-up of dirt by sweeping the floor with a soft broom and wiping the benches and walls with a mild soap and water.