Using a sauna regularly can have tremendous health benefits and can ensure long-term wellness for you. A sauna provides healthy way of living and promotes detoxification, improved circulation and a general feeling of fitness and well-being. However, it is important that you follow certain rules of safety while using a sauna. This helps avoid unpleasant consequences in case of non adherence of safety regulations. The following are a few tips which will help you to derive full and efficient use from your sauna while also staying safe from complications and adverse effects –

  1. Every sauna unit comes with its own set of instructions. There is also a default temperature which is preset in every sauna. Before using a sauna, make sure that you read all the important instructions and understand them perfectly. If you are inside a sauna, spend time to figure out if the temperature feels right. If it seems too hot, it should be turned down to a comfortable level.
  2. Using a sauna is extremely beneficial, but there are cases where it is not recommended. If you are not feeling well, or suffer from diseases like irregular blood pressure, heart problems or recent history of heart disease; consult your doctor before trying to use a sauna. If you feel unwell at any point of time while inside a sauna, leave immediately.
  3. People sweat profusely inside a sauna, which means there is a massive loss of body fluids. This means that there is a constant need for hydration while inside a sauna, the lack of which can lead to dehydration and heat stroke. Consuming water or isotonic drinks at regular intervals while inside the sauna, and make sure to replenish your fluid levels with a lot of water once you are done using the sauna.