Infrared sauna use is proven beneficial for weight loss and weight management. Weight loss does not occur because of sweat loss, but because the body is working furiously during the session.


Burn up to 600 Calories in 30 Minutes

Studies have shown people using an infrared sauna for 30 minutes burn up to 600 calories. This is because you’re in a hot environment and your heart rate and blood circulation increases.


If you’re happy with your body weight and you’re looking to maintain it, you will achieve this through regular infrared sauna sessions that increase your blood circulation. For those looking to shed weight, saunas are a great tool to help you reach your goal weight.


Increasing Metabolism Speed

People who are overweight generally have slow metabolisms. If your metabolism is slow, weight loss is also slow.Daily sauna sessions of 30 minutes can increase your metabolism because of the deep penetrating heat.


However a sauna alone isn’t your answer. Combining sauna therapy with exercise is your best chance at reaching your goal weight.


Many people don’t believe it’s possible to lose weight from infrared saunas. It’s the combination of exercise and infrared therapy that will make the changes happen.


Calorie Burning Metrics

A normal session in an infrared sauna lasts 20 to 40 minutes. It is best to let your body decide on how long it needs and avoid excess heating.


For beginners, we recommend starting with 20 minute sessions and work your way up. You can expect to burn approximately 500 to 750 calories in 20 minutes.


Experienced users can remain in the sauna for up to 40 minutes, depending on the set temperature. In a 40 minute session you can burn up to 1200 calories.