17 April 2014

There are different types of saunas including wet saunas, dry saunas, steam saunas and infrared saunas. An infrared sauna uses heaters to produce infrared light which is absorbed by the surface of the skin.


Finnish people pioneered the first sauna. Early sauna therapy used a metal woodstove with a chimney. Steam vapour was generated by pouring water on heated rocks.


The steam and high heat prompted the users to sweat and detoxify their bodies. Sticks were used to apply light pressure to the skin to generate further stimulation.


Cleansing the Body & Mind

As well as physical purposes, people used saunas for mental wellbeing, cleansing the mind and spirit. Families used it to bath together within the home and women even gave birth there.


As the Finnish people travelled so did the benefits of using a sauna. This led to technological advances and in 1950 the first electric sauna stove was introduced.


Today the infrared sauna is one of the most powerful therapies for toxin and heavy metal removal. They offer a different approach by which it heats with deeper penetrating for a more thorough detox.


The Future of Infrared Sauna Technology

Active carbon fibres have up to 20 times larger surface area of radiation than other heaters that are commonly used in infrared saunas.


With a two-minute start up, users won’t need to wait for 5 minutes while the sauna warms up.