3 June 2014

You’ve probably visited a steam room shower at your local gym but have you thought about installing one in your own home? Steam room showers are simply an enclosed tile room housed with a steam generator. Steam rooms are extremely popular due to their immense health benefits.

In the same floor space as a normal shower, we can custom make a steam room shower for you to reap the health benefits too. Steam room showers are perfect for homeowners short on space because they can be easily installed in your shower area and can be used as your daily shower.

Requiring only a small steam generator, you’ll love not having to travel to your gym for a steam session each week.

Benefits of a Steam Room Shower

If you’re thinking about investing in a steam room shower, have a look at the associated benefits before you make the decision.

1.      Improved Circulation

Steam causes our blood vessels to expand. With more room in the blood vessels, blood flow increases which improves circulation.

2.      Exercise Recovery

During exercise, we experience pain and fatigue because metabolic waste is built up in muscles. Steam showers help to flush out this waste.

3.      Skin Care

Our pores open when using a steam shower. This allows you to perspire freely and cleanses the skin. Research states that 20 minutes of steam, once a week, is enough to reduce skin blemishes.

4.      Stress Management

There’s no denying steam showers are relaxing. The heat allows your muscles to relax, reducing tension. Furthermore, steam showers also have a fatiguing effect, which can help you sleep well at night.

For more information to help you make the right decision to invest in a steam room or not, talk to Sauna King.