Two proven techniques where heat is employed to improve metabolism, carry out detoxification, provide relaxation and improve health in general are saunas and steam rooms. Built on very similar principles, these two processes use two different kinds of heat – saunas use dry heat while steam rooms use humid heat, to affect the human body is certain ways. Some of these include light exercise for the heart, improved circulation, profuse sweating and detoxification and a number of other proven health benefits.

If you are looking to apply one of the two techniques for your own use, it is good to know about the pros and cons of each so that you can choose between the two. Here are a few useful pointers –

  1. Saunas drive your heart to work more efficiently, increase circulation and provide a great way to clean out debris in blood vessels with the increased blood flow, thereby helping those with heart conditions and circulation problems. Steam rooms on the other hand are more beneficial for people with breathing troubles and lung disease, as the moist air soothes the lungs and airways.
  2. If you want to achieve weight loss, going for a sauna is more beneficial as you lose more weight within the same duration than in a steam room. Saunas provide increased metabolism than steam rooms, thereby becoming effective weight loss tools.
  3. For those with dry skin, saunas can become uncomfortable due to the dry heat. Steam rooms are generally better for the skin, helping your pores to open fully and release toxins and dirt.
  4. With the humidity in steam rooms, they have been found to be especially good for recovering from trauma and fatigue. The wet air provides a relaxing effect to joints and muscles and eases the breathing process. Saunas are more beneficial for circulation-related problems and aches and pains in joints.