Steam rooms are widely used all over the world for their immense and immediate health benefits. Millions of people take advantage of the efficacy provided by steam rooms, the use of which causes complete detoxification and offers amazing health benefits. Steam rooms are popular all over the world and their popularity stems from the fact that they are so easy to use and provide a significant degree of relaxation and comfort.


While steam rooms are generally beneficial to use at all times, there are a few rare occasions where they can cause harm and one of these has to deal with yeast infection. While using a steam room, you must be careful to avoid contracting yeast infections as they are sometimes passed on from person to person through the use of steam rooms.


Can you get yeast infection from a steam room?

Steam rooms are essentially rooms where water is heated and there is steam formation. This steam pervades the entire room and affects the users inside. However, it also provides the ideal hot and damp environment which can be a breeding ground for many different kinds of bacteria, some of them harmful. This way, there is a minute chance of you getting a bacterial infection from the use of a steam room. If a person with infection has already used the room, harmful bacteria can transfer from body parts to parts of the steam room like benches and buckets. If you use the steam room after this, you can come into contact with these bacteria which can give you diseases like yeast infection.


Do steam rooms affect yeast infections?

It is never been clinically proven that steam rooms aid or abet the growth of yeast infection. In the event that you are suffering from yeast infection, consult a healthcare physician immeditaely and request the room owner to disinfect the room before further use