Saunas give people a great way to energize and vitalize themselves, and to stay healthy in the middle of their hectic lives. Saunas expose people to high heat and humidity which opens pores of the skin, aids the production of sweat, burns and disposes toxins in the body. Saunas also help to relieve muscles and joints. It is also widely considered to be a great way to burn fat deposits and stay fit and slim. Traditionally, the hot stone sauna has been seen as an effective way to achieve these health benefits. More recently, however, infrared lamp-powered saunas are being used more and more to achieve similar benefits, using the positives of new technology and significantly decreasing any possible discomfort.

Traditional Saunas

Traditional hot stone saunas use coal fires and water to generate an atmosphere of heat and humidity. These conditions are ideal for the stimulation of sweat glands to work in overdrive and produce large amounts of sweat. Due to profuse sweating, the body disposes harmful toxins and burns calories, thereby purifying blood, improving circulation and giving an overall effect of revitalization. Although it has been effectively used for a long time and has proven health benefits, the heat and sweating can sometimes render the use of a traditional sauna an uncomfortable affair.

Infrared Saunas

These do away with the traditional system of coal fires and water, and use infrared lamps to generate infrared rays, which provide gradual warmth to the air inside the sauna. Infrared rays are also known to penetrate deep into muscles and joints, relax them and provide relief to fatigue and aches. Also, the gradual warmth provided by the infrared lamps make sure that humidity does not increase, and minimizes discomfort as people can slowly get accustomed to the steady increase in heat. Infrared saunas have also been used effectively as a form of treatment for several skin and lung conditions.