Sauna_Increase_Value_of_Your_House._Saunas are used for relaxation, weight loss and cleansing. Sauna therapy removes toxic metals from the blood steam due to the higher temperatures.

It’s important to consult with your doctor before starting sauna treatment. Certain health conditions are not compatible with high heat. If you have ant kind of compromised breathing condition such as asthma, saunas can irritate the condition. Heart and blood conditions such as hypertension, low blood pressure and heart disease, are generally not compatible with high levels of dry or moist heat.

If your doctor allows, be careful not to move back and forward between cold water and hot tubs or saunas. This could cause an increase in blood pressure. Overall, people with high blood pressure should be able to tolerate saunas just fine, as long as they are not experiencing a hypertensive crisis.

If you are in good health, limit your sauna time to 15 minutes for your first several visits. Rehydrate with several glasses of water after your treatment to avoid dehydration.