Wood burning sauna heaters

We receive a number of queries about wood-burning sauna heaters, so here’s some information on these:

Wood burner facts

Safety Clearance
Sauna Wood Heaters need a fair amount of safety clearance around them so are only suitable for a medium to large sauna.

Flue and ventilation
They also need an external flue kit (ie moves the smoke to the outside) and also good airflow in the sauna.

Fire risk
Of course with our hot summers, a wood burner is not popular for high fire risk days.
Firing up your sauna might put your neighbours on high alert thinking a bush fire is happening.

Nervous neighbours complaining about the smoke

Wood Burner Practicalities

Unfortunately, wood burner heaters have some practical issues:

  • Wood selection
  • Wood supply
  • Ashes to clean up
  • Increased dust/ash to breathe in
  • Heat up time

Despite all of these factors, some people love the atmosphere created by a wood-fired burner in their sauna.

Electrically heated saunas

The alternative is to use an Electric heater in your sauna.

Electric heaters aren’t that expensive to run, especially if you have solar energy contributing to power costs.
For example, a 6 Kw heater costs approx. 6 x your electricity cost per KWH (Mine is 35c/Kwh)
That equates to approximately $2.10 per hr at maximum draw
Considering most sauna sessions are about 1-2 hrs max that’s only $4.20

Electric heaters can also be timed to come on up to 8 Hrs before you intend to use the sauna

Electric sauna heaters are clean, quick and convenient

We supply wood heaters for saunas

Sauna King only sells one type of wood heater – the SAWO 21.

  • Made from quality materials
  • Designed to conduct thermal energy efficiently
  • The fire chamber is designed for clean burning and fast heating
  • Durable, fast and energy-efficient for medium-sized wood heater saunas


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Wood Burner for Sauna

SAWO-21 Woodburning Sauna Heater

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Wood Burner for Sauna