Sauna King's Frequently Asked Questions
What is infrared or IR radiation?
infaredIR or Infrared radiation is heat radiation with a wavelength between 0.75 and 1000 um. It can be divided into IR-A with short wavelength, IR-B with medium wavelength and IR-C with long wavelength. IR-C waves are invisible to the human eye and do not heat the air but do heat objects that they collide with. It is these IR-C waves that are used in the Sauna King cabin because they penetrate deep (2 to 4 mm) into the skin and the body without drastically increasing the surrounding temperature.

Infrared radiation is completely harmless and has nothing to do with dangerous types of radiation, such as, for example, radioactivity of the UV-B radiation that causes sunburn.

On the contrary it is a healing electromagnetic radiation that has already become commonplace as medicine.

faq-diaExamples of this are the classic red lamp used for the treatment of local muscle pains and injuries, infrared elements that are used after operations to speed up the healing of wounds and to avoid the forming of scar tissue, or the appliances that are commonly used to keep new-born babies safe with a stimulating and safe heat. Special ceramic elements that produce a constant and optimal IR-C wavelength have been successfully developed in Japan.

The secret of these elements is in the composition of the electrical resistance and the sand and minerals that surround the resistance in a ceramic container.

These radiation elements are extremely efficient and reliable and guarantee many years of positive results. All Sauna King Infrared cabins are equipped with ceramic heating elements that radiate the optimal IR-C wavelength.

How does infrared radiation affect the human body?

Skin is our biggest organ. It measures approximately 1.6 m 2 and weighs about 5 kg.

The skin contains more than 6 million cells per cm 2. In an Infrared cabin you sit right in the middle of the heating elements that send out IR-C waves over the complete surface of our skin. The IR-C rays penetrate the skin up to 4 mm deep by warming and so stimulating all cells and blood and lymphatic vessels.

The specific IR-C wavelength is stabilized and absorbed up to 92% by our body, which causes a deep feeling of warmth. Because the underlying layers of skin have a high percentage of fluid this heat is conducted through to the muscles and organs.

The body compensates for this heat by perspiring.

The penetrative effect in an Infrared means that people will perspire 3 to 4 times more than in a traditional sauna where people are only superficially heated by the induction of the surrounding air. It is this mechanism that leads to the detoxification.

From analysis of the perspiration of trial people after an IR session, not only water, fat and sodium, but also concentrations of lead, cadmium , nickel and benzene, amongst other substances, were found; substances that are primarily accumulated in the subcutaneous interstitial tissue and the fat cells as a result of pollution.

Regular IR sessions lead to a systematic evacuation of these noxious elements and also help relieve all kinds of complaints and improve general health.

What effects does a Sauna King Infrared cabin have on the human body?
The healing properties of an Infrared cabin are mainly thanks to the effective manner in which the body is detoxified. This detoxification assures a preventative protection, an increase in immunity and relief from all kinds of complaints.

The penetration of the IR-C waves means a general stimulation of all subcutaneous cell structures and lymphatic vessels. The circulation is also improved in up to the smallest capillaries.

The result is a better functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In an Infrared cabin the pleasant warmth melts stress away.

The warmth massages the whole body and calms nerves and relaxes stiff muscles.

Regular use of the Infrared cabin leads to an increase in the positive feeling of well-being, relaxation and inner calm.

Research shows that IR-C treatments lead to an improvement of various syndromes.

The combination of perspiring (detoxifying) and heat leads to a gradual relief of many common complaints.

The Infrared cabin offers the ideal way to clean our skin and to give it back its youthful vitality.

Deep working IR-C radiation opens the pores, burns surplus fat tissue and reduces cellulite.

The Infrared cabin also offers relief from other skin complaints.

Not everybody wants or is able to do sport to lose surplus weight. A 30 minute session in an Infrared cabin burns about 750 to 1500 calories. An important advantage of the Infrared cabin is the burning of fat just like in sport.

How safe is Cedar wood?
Cedar wood has been used for 3000 – 4000 years to prevent or cure illnesses. Any kind of wood including cedar wood might be harmful if its wood dust is inhaled in an enormous amount in a closed space such as a saw mill or a wood factory. But the normal use of a sauna made with cedar wood is safe to the human body. No case has been reported to any government agencies or research institutions throughout the world regarding the health problems related to using cedar wood saunas.

Enquire through our contact page.

How much does a Sauna cost to run?

A 2 person Far Infrared sauna costs 32 cents per hour to run, a larger 4 person unit costs 44 cents per hour. Remember they are only running for about 1 -2 hrs per session.

How long does a Sauna take to heat up?

Up to 20 mins for a Far Infrared depending on the ambient temperature at the time to heat to 48 o C. A traditional sauna takes up to an hour to get to 90 o C.

How long do I stay in a Sauna?

Around 30 min sessions, then coming out to cool down for around 5 mins before going back in. You can do this as often as you like so long as you cool down in between sessions. Consult medical advice if you are not sure of your health.

What are Saunas good for?

Saunas are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day.

They have the added benefits of:

  •  Providing weight reduction by calorie burning due to increased blood flow.
  • Detoxing the body by expelling heavy metals and other impurities through the kidneys and liver
  • Improving skin condition by opening up pores and aiding the loss of dead skin cells
  • Reducing muscle soreness and aching joints


Where can I put a sauna?

Anywhere undercover such as a carport, verandah, spare room or garage it only needs a 10 amp power outlet so anywhere you can plug in a fan heater you can plug in your Far infrared sauna. It must be protected from the elements.



Can I get sunburn from Far Infrared Rays?

No, there are no Ultraviolet rays in the Far Infrared Spectrum.



Why don’t Far Infrared Saunas get as hot as traditional Saunas?

Traditional saunas operate generally in the temperature range 90 – 110oC and it is heat that is permeated from the outside in, like being in an Oven. With Far Infrared the waves warm the tissue from within up to 4cm below the surface. It is like sunlight on top of a mountain, it may be freezing cold but the sun warms the body which absorbs the suns radiation including UV (so skiers still need sunscreen).

It is not necessary to have the intense heat for  the body to create sweat hence a more comfortable experience for the user at around 48-50oC

Sauna King saunas work in the 5.6 – 15 micron range  which is most readily absorbed by the human body, up to 93% in fact.




Are Traditional Saunas better than the Far Infrared type

They are 2 different types and it is a personal choice. If the intended user is a regular Sauna user at health clubs or Hotels it may be that a traditional sauna is best. 

In our experience we have found that it may be the other members of the household have found the traditional saunas oppressive heat too much and stay in only for a short time therefore missing out on the beneficial aspects of a sauna.

This is where the low temperature Far Infrared allows all users the benefits of a sauna.

The Sauna King has both types available.





What Wood is the Sauna made of ?

We mainly sell Saunas with interiors made from Western Red Cedar which has the best insulating properties and has a natural resistance to fungal spores and borers, it also smells fantastic and gives an aroma of the forests.

We also have other types of timber such as Spruce, Aspen and Hemlock available by request. It is well known that the Red Cedar has never had any ill effects recorded due to its use in homes or in saunas.

It is worth noting that some sauna companies that use only inferior woods to Cedar, try to denigrate Cedar in order to sell cheaper woods for their own benefit, Cedar is one of the more expensive woods for sauna production.

You offer 2 types of Far Infrared heaters in the Saunas. Why is this?

We have Ceramic rod heater elements and  micro Carbon Fibre sheet elements.

The ceramic Rods being a tried and tested transfer method for over 30 years in saunas and the Far Infrared rays produced are spread by a reflector which enables the rays to be more concentrated  so if a person has a sore spot that needs extra attention, it is more applicable.

The Carbon Fibre elements are relatively new in Saunas and they give a lower surface temperature with less directional emphasis, they are open to touch whereas the ceramic rods are behind mesh guards. 

Both types provide a great sauna experience hence we give a choice to the customer. Power consumption is similar.

What Glues are used in Your Sauna Construction?

All Glues are water Based and Non Toxic to ensure toxins are not introduced into the atmosphere of our saunas.

Do you have an ionizer in your Saunas?

We don’t as research shows the Ionizers fitted to most Far Infrared saunas don’t actually work and can create a negative effect to that stated.

We recommend if a customer is looking to fit an Ionizer they investigate an Australian made product with recognized field trials. They generally cost around $400.00 – contact us for brand names.

Most fitted to Far infrared saunas are generally available on the internet for around $20.00.


What is the warranty on your Saunas?
  • 10 years on the Heaters ( Far Infrared)
  •  5 years on the cabin electricals
  •  1 year audio system
  •  1 year on  Traditional sauna heaters
How do I get a Sauna delivered to my home?

We can have it delivered to your door for self assembly or they can be delivered and assembled by one of our staff in your home.

Our saunas are usually ex stock so it takes only a few days for us to get one to you.

What size Sauna should I purchase?

We have saunas for 1 – 4 persons with different seating positions and styles to suit your desired position in your home, some have more glass to capture a view others less to give more privacy.

Why should I buy a Sauna King Sauna as opposed to another brand?

Because we care about you, the customer, buying a quality product that will last many years with a backup service team to ensure your investment works well into the future.

A quarter of a century in business is coming with your purchase.

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