Sauna For Sale

Are you considering buying a new sauna? Did you know that there are three main types of saunas to choose from? There is steam, traditional and infrared. Not sure which is the best for you? Read on to find out the differences between each and work out which one is right for you! We have all three types available so we can help you with your Sauna For Sale quest!

Steam Room

This is exactly how it sounds. It is a room, quite like a shower, but with seats. Steam heats the room and you get the health benefits as you relax. It can be as small as a private one person room or larger, like a commercial setup. But this isn’t something quick and easy to set up or install. You will need a plumber and electrician to help install it. Sauna King can assist in installing your new sauna.

Traditional Sauna

The traditional style sauna uses a dry heat to heat the room. This commonly has involved hot rocks which you can pour water over to create steam. The air inside the sauna is heated which causes you to perspire. The addition of steam helps keep the room and the body comfortable.

Infrared Sauna

This is the more modern style sauna and doesn’t use steam at all. The infrared heat penetrates the body directly up to 1.5cm below the skin. This still creates the perspiration that is desired by sauna users. The infrared sauna room doesn’t heat up like the traditional style, leaving the body more relaxed and comfortable. An added benefit of not having steam in the room is that it allows you to have electrical items in the room, such as tv, cd, radio and bluetooth facilities.

There is more on the features of our saunas on our features page, find it here.

To learn more about the Infrared Sauna, click here and more information of the infrared heating method can be found here.

Health Benefits

This is the main reason for wanting to purchase a Sauna For Sale. Here is a list of some of the common benefits between all styles of saunas, weight loss, pain relief, healing, detoxification, increased circulation, normalisation of blood pressure and the reduction of stress and fatigue. The Infrared Sauna has additional benefits such as increased calorie burn, increased detoxification and cell purification.

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When you consider all the health benefits of a sauna, you could say that buying a sauna is an investment in your health!

Our Sauna Packages

Apart from the Steam Room, all our saunas come in a flat pack, kit style and can be self-assembled. These include everything you need including easy to follow instruction and all hardware that is required. If you are unsure or don’t have the time, Sauna King can fully install your new sauna (available in most areas). We even offer free metro delivery in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney (conditions apply).

When it comes to the steam room, we can work with you and the tradesmen to make sure you get exactly what you want.

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