Chronic fatigue is a disorder where a person suffers from unexplained and persistent chronic fatigue. It is not resolved by rest and strong enough to affect daily tasks. Symptoms include headaches, short-term memory loss, poor concentration, muscle pain, unsatisfying sleep, sore throat and tender lymph nodes in the armpits or neck.


Researchers believe there is a strong connection between chronic fatigue syndrome and toxin exposure. Toxins can impose on muscle metabolism causing pain and fatigue felt by sufferers. With increased pollutants in our environment, many people are subject to immune system breakdowns. This causes fatigue because the damage from chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins plague the energy sources of cells.

How can Far Infrared Sauna Treatment Help?

Chronic fatigue sufferers contain abnormal levels of mercury. A consistent program of infrared sauna therapy will assist in the elimination of accumulated toxins. Research shows muscle pain, digestive problems and dizziness all improve with a regular course of infrared therapy. Toxic metals are excreted in large amounts in the sweat during sauna therapy.


A goal of far infrared sauna therapy is to bring the body back to its natural form. Sweat is the only proven way to remove dangerous toxins out of the body. Perspiration induced by far infrared sauna use expels three times the amount of toxins compared to exercise.


If you are suffering from debilitating fatigue, talk to a professional about giving a course of sauna therapy a try.