Saunas provide a great way to relax, detoxify and stay healthy year round. Among the long list of health benefits, saunas are recommended for relieving pain, improving performance, reducing stress and anxiety and for overall well-being.


Stay Well Hydrated: Drink Before and After

One of the main benefits of using a sauna is to release toxins through sweat. On average, a person loses up to one pint of water during a regular session.


Losing that amount of water quickly causes dehydration. Dehydration can lead to stroke if you don’t replenish fluids immediately.


Water and isotonic drinks are great but avoid alcohol or caffeine. For this reason, it’s important to hydrate before going into the sauna and after.


How Much Water Should I Drink?

Drinking one to two glasses of water prior to going into the sauna is ample. You can add juice or minerals to your water if it’s distilled or mineral free. Afterward, consume two to four glasses of water to rehydrate. Do not drink water in the sauna.


It’s important to take it easy after your sauna session – relax, read, listen to music, take a walk or whatever else you do in your down time.


Don’t Eat Too Much Before Your Session

Food consumption is also an important point to mention. Try to avoid eating too much right before your sauna session.


After a large meal, wait at least 1 hour before entering the sauna. Choose something light and stick to water. A salty snack after your sauna session can be beneficial.