1 December 2014

Sweating is proven effective to flush out toxins and prevent diseases. Saunas work to generate abundant sweat to detoxify the body and settle the mind. The skin is the largest organ in the body and sauna therapy releases toxins through the pores to detoxify.

Sweating is a natural way to heal and regular sweating restores good health through the elimination of toxins. Saunas are fast moving from a mere luxury to a necessity for good health because of the safe manner in which it promotes toxic elimination.

The sauna benefits list is long. Here are the top 5 benefits of regular sauna therapy.

  • Improved blood circulation

Increase and improve your rate of blood circulation and breathing

  • Weight loss

Burn approximately 300 calories per session. Combine sauna therapy with exercise and you’re on your way to good health

  • Skin cleansing

Your skin will be soft and healthy after sauna therapy

  • Body relaxation

Aches and pains can be minimised by using sauna treatment

  • Mind relaxation

Suffer from a busy mind? Relieve stress and mental fatigue by using sauna treatment