Sauna therapy is great for cleansing your skin, increasing circulation and minimalizing muscle pain. With so many health benefits, sauna therapy is a natural way to help treat a range of major and minor health conditions.

So why are saunas so good for you? While the benefits differ from person to person, most people experience an overall body cleanse increased circulation, improved breathing, softer muscles, a stronger immune system and less stress. Sweating opens up your pores, releases toxins, increases circulation and stimulates blood flow. Saunas also help tissue function, metabolic rates and reproductive processes.

Steam saunas retain the humidity at 100%. They can reach temperatures up to 50 degrees, which eases congestion, inflammation, coughing, allergies and breathing conditions for the user. Choose a sauna to help boost your immune system and increase white blood cells in the body.

Recent evidence suggests that the sweat of far infrared users contains 80% water and 20% toxins. This process aids in the removal of many toxic metals such as sodium, cadmium and lead. It is very common for sauna users to burn up to 300 calories per session – equivalent to a long run or an hour of weight training.